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D - Haringvliet

The haringvlietdam is the one of the dams in the rhine-delta. Since it was built the waterregime in this area has changed essentially.  The area of brackish water is small. The tidal change of water of about 2.5 meters


Projects : "The migration of the seatrout" was a survey by the RIZA in the time from 1996 to 2000. One of the places where the fishes were tagged with radiotransmitters was here. At each of the dams-entries there were detection stations to get signals of entering seatrouts and salmons.

Plannings : There will be a test how the watermanagemant can be improved to reduce the decline of brackwaterspecies.

Supply of informations an photos by Jan Kamman of the NVVS (Fishmens organisation of the netherlands)