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ARGE Stoer-Bramau

Contactpersons : Hartwig Hahn Topics :  Reintroduction of salmon and seatrout

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Riverarea : Stoer
River: Stoer und Bramau
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The reintroduction of salmon in the river Stoer runs under essential substitution of the fishing association of Schleswig-Holstein called :Landesportfischerverbandes Schleswig-Holstein. The actual report (14.12.2007) of Hartwig Hahn goes as follows :
In total we caught about 150 seatroutspawners, and timewise we had 85 seatroutspwaners our basins, under them many fishes above  6kg.   So far we brought about 400.000 seatrout eggs in our hatchery.
The salmon catch was also successful. We caught more than 40 salmon, most of them male ones, 10 of them between 90 and 98 cm of length and weighing up to 10 kg. Out of 6 females between 4 and 9 kg we got about ca. 46.000 eggs."


Hartwig Hahn shows a big atlantic salmon-milter (strain: Lagan west-sweden) to young naturesconservists in prospect.

The salmon-eggs in the hatchery of the fishing association of Schleswig-Holstein.

Hartwig Hahn in the river stoer catching returners.