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Aller-Oker-Salmon-Association (AOLG)

Contactpersons : Hans-Juergen Sauer, Juergen Wagner, Dieter Kreuziger und Stefan Ludwig Topics :  Reintroduction of salmon, seatrout and little fish species, ecological watermaintance, waterdevelopment, publication, public relations

Impairments : Migration obstacles, watermaintanance, waterpollution, boat traffic

Stocking in the river Oker

Stocking in the river Schunter

Stocking in the river Oertze

  Documentation 5 years AOLG (extract only german language)
Riverarea : Weser
Rivers: Aller, Oker, Schunter, Örtze, Radau, Kleine Aller

The AOLG is a union of 21 fishing associations, 4 fishery collectives, 2 watermaintenance collectives and one hunting association under the judicial roof of the Lachsförderverein Niedersachsen. This Association exists since 2002 and is an ongoning initiative of the Okersalmonproject of the fishermans association ASV Braunschweig  that made stocking of salmon since 1993. Main focus is the linear patency. In this item there are many positive results under the lead management of the NLWKN business premise south . More efforts on  patency are necessary and are worked on by the members of the association . Very much merits account to the "AOLG-Lachspaten" (godfathers of salmon).

2004 there was a smolt-monitoring under lead management of LAVES (Department of inland fisheries) and together with the NLWKN and Danmarks Center for Vildlaks that is planned to be continued in the future  
Outstanding event in december 2007 was the first catch of 3 seatrouts in the river Oertze since 1938. The reason for this occurrence was the improved migration situation at

 The first migratory salmonid caught in the river Oertze since 1938 - a female seatrout.
Heiko Warnecke of the NLKWN reports about the state of patency of the rivers Oker and Schunter on the public salmon forum of the AOLG in the Volksbank of Braunschweig/lower saxony/germany.
Mrs. Lecour of the LAVES and  biologist Rathcke talk with Manfred Kirchhoff of the Fishermen association of Celle about the  activities of the  AOLG-Smolt-monitoring 2004 at the river Oker