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Leine-Lachs e.V.

Contactpersons : Günter Ohnesorge, Heinz Pyka und Andy Krüger Topics :  Reintroduction of salmon, seatrout, salmon reproduction.

Impairments : Migration obstacles, watermaintanance, waterpollution, hydropower

Stocking figures Leine
Riverarea: Weser
Rivers: Leine and triburaries

The Leinelachs association e.V is a conclusion of fishingassociations with the aim to reintroduce the atlantic salmon. Main topics of the work are stocking an hatching of salmon as well as reaching the linear patency of the rivers together with Danmarks Center for Vildlaks (DCV). The production of young salmon shall be perfromed as long as a self reproducing strain is not yet established.

So far there has been built up the north german salmon center by very much voluntary work. In 2004 there was the first returner in the Leine-System.

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The first returner caught at the weir in Hannover/Herrenhausen in 2004 in the river Leine .
Gerd Holdensgaard and Guenter Ohnesorge disperse the fishes to be stocked for some north german Salmon projects.
View at the breed in the hatchery in the northgerman salmon center at Gronau/Leine