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Northseahouting photo taken from the Ferskvandsaquariet in Silkeborg/DK.


(lat. Coregonus oxyrinchus (Linnaeus 1758)

Schutzstatus: ?

Description:  Length up to 60cm than weighing about 5 kg. 
historical appearance: In europe in the waddensea from norther france over the german bight up to the danish Nordseacoast near Esbjerg (mouth of Vardeau).

appearance actual: In europe in the wadden sea with center of gravity in Schleswig-Holstein/southdenmark. Also there are running some reintroductionproject in the elbe, rhine and more smoller rivers.

Lifecycle: As an anadromous fish the houting swims from costal waters into the lower riverareas to spawn over gritty grounds. The larvae driften riverdownwards but stay in freshwater to first growth.

specials : This species is very a very weak swimmer with regard to migratonobstacles. 

ngoing informations :  very informing site you can find in english or danish under http://www.snaebel.dk/