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The Workinggroup for the protection of fishspecies and the protection of water in northern germany (german : Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Fischarten- und Gewässerschutz in Norddeutschland) is an informationplatform about topics of riverdevelopement and fishrestoration.

Within the workinggroup there are normally two workshops each year in different parts of northern germany. The following subjects are being discussed : Introduction of migrating fishspecies, biological wateranalysis, watermanagement, fishecology, hydropower,  netcatches of fishes within the rivers, in the estuaries and on the sea,  renatureprojects and cormorant issues. Briefly said there is an exchange of experiences round about  river development between many different initiatives. The reports are regularly completed with national contributions from whole germany and   with international  contributions from denmark, schweden, poland, island und the netherlands.  

Participant are mostly organized anglers but also representatives of authorities, cities and communities, planningbureaus , other nature conservation organisations and of the scienes are always likely to be seen as participants or speakers.