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The country fishing association of  Weser-Ems

Contactpersons : Jens Salva Topics :  Reintroduction of anadromous migrating fishes, seatrout, ecological watermaintance, waterdevelopment, back-to-nature and near-to-nature-projects..

Impairments : Migration obstacles, watermaintanance, waterpollution, net fisheries


Riverarea: Weser und Ems
Rivers: Huntesystem, Ochtumsystem, Jade-tributaries, Leda- / Juemmesystem, Hasesystem, Ems-tributaries

The country fishing association of Weser-Ems is one of the pioneers of the reintroduction of migrating salmonids in germany. For the first time there were set out salmon set out from the river Namsen/Norway into the river Ems under leadership of Guenter Bruening the fromer President of the Country fishingassociation and a little bit later also in the river Delme a tributary of the Ochtum/Weser . Since this time there were a lot of impulses sent out of this country association for the reintroduction projects in northern germany and beyond that area. So the "Arge" (later on  AFGN) was founded and the business management was performed until 2007. A couple of reintroduction-projects were started with the help of Erich Henseler (president of the country associatioin until 2006) and Ede Brumund-Rüther (AFGN-speaker until 2007). International contacts were built up together with the LMS to NASCO, NASF to name only a few and to numerous reintroduction-projects that brought a large amount of knowledge to the northgerman scene. 

In the area of the Weser project rivers there are quite a lot confirmations of salmon and seatrout. Outstanding is the fact that until 2002 there were confirmations of the namsen strain that were set out in 1982 without any further stocking ! In the watershed of the river Ems there was a special project for smolts because of missing returners : the smolts were taken to sea in cages drawn by boats to reduce the impact of the intense use of nets in the estuary of the river Ems.

The nice salmon milter of the Visbecker Aue which is held by keeper of the river Ralf Siemer of the FV Wildeshausen in 2003  gained german-wide interest because it was used for a poster of the VDSF.
During the AFGN-Meeting in Lingen in autumn 2006 Ede Brumund-Rüther, speaker of the AFGN, showed the way.
AFGN-participants of the first hour at the AFGN- Meeting in Lingen 2006. Günter Brüning, Karl-Hans Bahns and at the right edge Carl-Werner Schmidt-Luchs.