Actual Information around migrating fish species

3.9.2016   There are new informations about the obstacle Oldau in the lower river Aller in lower saxony. for more information look here...
7.8.2016   The origin the eel and the background for the usage of the transmiter now are revealed. More information you may find under :


13.7.2016   On Friday the 8th of July 2016 at 5 pm there was an eel caught in the Strohauser Sieltief (tributary of the river Weser) county Wesermarsch, village Stadtland, it was tagged with a transmitter . Its weight was 700 Grams and its length was 75 cm. The transmitter has a number Nr. 300 041. Wo knows which projects use such transmitters (see photo) ? Responses please to info(at)

06.07.2016   World Fish Migration Day in Meinersen/Niedersachsen

Wanderfische ohne Grenzen – NASF Deutschland cohosted in close cooperation with the Aller-Oker-Lachs-Gemeinschaft (AOLG) its second event in Germany on that day.
Perfect weather and a good number of visitors were ideal conditions for a successful event.

To start, Stefan Ludwig, vice chairman of NASF Deutschland and Salmon Counselor of the Aller-Oker-Lachs-Gemeinschaft explained the general idea of informational events on the World Fish Migration Day.
All around the world the problems of migratory fish species are similar.
Like the projected new erection of a hydropower station in Bannetze affects the Salmon project of the AOLG strongly, similar things happen in many places on our planet. It is the objective to inform the public about it.
The visitors showed vivid interest in the issue and found qualified answers to their numerous questions.
Stefan Ludwig then carried out public electro fishing together with the assistants of the AGV Vorsfelde, a member of the AOLG. The fishing was documented with an Action Cam.

The fishing yielded apart from Roach, Perch and Gudgeon some real migratory species: Common Barbel and European Eel!
A new experience for the seasoned electro fishing team was the visitors applause at the end of the fishing…. taking this in account one should probably repeat this kind of happenings more often!

Barbel out of the fishway

After measuring the fish and documenting the data in the fishing protocol for the Lower-Saxony organization LAVES the fish were released well into the Oker.

Before lifting the control fish trap Hans-Jürgen Sauer and his wife Heidrun showed three short movies about Migratory Fishes, Atlantic Salmon and Migration in the project area of the AOLG.

Stefan Ludwig explained the history of the building of the control station and pointed out that such a possibility to monitor the functionality of a fish pass can only be rarely found in Lower Saxony. So there is little possibility to make reliable statements about the quality of a fish migration aid.
Hans-Jürgen Sauer pointed out that without the help and dedication of sponsors the implementation of this function control would not have been possible. The committed members of the AOLG are bringing life to the institution and have carried out function controls in several years for a period of several weeks every time. So it is now possible to make a statement about the functionality of the installation in different years at different water levels and temperatures.

Fish in rivers and streams need apart from clean water mainly the permeability of the watercourse for reproduction and growth.
Although biological permeability of most of the obstacles in the Oker has been improved by building fish passes over the last years, the “Petri Wehr” in Braunschweig is still blocking the migratory route between “Harz” and “Heide” for the fish!

Around the World more than 450 events for Migratory Fish Species have taken place on this 21st of May 2016.
04.06.2016   On May 31st there was this article released about the resettlement of fishspecies in the newspaper "Leipziger Volkszeitung"  :

30.05.2016   The last but one barrier at the river Schunter is removed. The mill at Heiligendorf has been given a bypass channel.
14.05.2016   On May 21st 2016 the World fish migration day is being celebrated. Migating fish species need help because unfortunately too few people have a look beneath the water surface. An overview on the world wide actions taking place you may find here...

Two german events are being conducted in cooperation with the association "Wanderfische ohne Grenzen-NASF Deutschland" :

1.In lower saxony the Aller-Oker-Lachs community rises the attention for the needs of migrating fish species with an action day (click on the picture) :

2. In Munic there is an action day in association with the outdoor company Patagonia. More information you may find here...