Actual informations about migrating fishspecies

18.07.2010 The Invitation for  44. Meeting of the AFGN on the 18.9.2010 is now available.
03.05.2010 In the waters of the Aller-Oker-Salmon Association (AOLG) this years stocking of migrating salmonids is finished for the  Kleine Aller, Radau (Nebenfluss der Oker), Örtze und Schunter
20.04.2010 At the river  Elbe at Geesthacht the construction works for the new fishway go on.
15.04.2010 The DINFISH (Dynamics of Inland Fish and Fisheries) Symposium will take place in Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republik from the 13th to the 16th  september 2010.  Deadline for abstracts and registration is 20 April 2010.
15.03.2010 First results of the lamprey montorings in Marklendorf at the river Aller indicate essential deficits within upstream migration. 
15.03.2010 In the river Elbe at Geesthacht  there is a second fishladder being built that will be capable to be used by sturgeons.
04.03.2010 During the lecture of Dr. Peter Beeck about the allis shad at the  43rd AFGN-meeting it quickly became obvious that the determination between this fish and the twaite shad (Alosa fallax) was not clear.  Dr. Beeck was so kindly to provide a short identification key ..  
Moreover the LAVES has provided an identificationkey for lamprey larvae which was assorted by Eva-Christine Mosch of the LAVES. Mrs Mosch and Mr. Edler request that with unsure identifications (small individuals) the determination of the exact species should be skipped. In such cases more detailed infomation about the place of location should be provided and if there is the assumtion of a sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) photos should be taken. Additional here some photo examples that could be helpful for identification.
03.03.2010 Die 43. meeting of the AFGN is successfully finished. A report of this meeting will soon be published here.

The presentations of the meeting are available at the overview of the meetings .

22.01.2010 The invitation for the 43th meeting of  the workinggroup for the protection of fishspecies and the protection of water in northern germany (german : Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Fischarten- und Gewässerschutz in Norddeutschland) is now available. Please do not forget registrations.
19.01.2010 Fitting to the actionplan for the european or common sturgeon (Ac.sturio) that was presented by the BMU in december 2009 in Berlin here there are  identification pages about the different sturgeon species available. With this there is a tool given to determine wether there is a species that belogs to the catchment area or it is a foreign species.