Actual informations about migrating fishes


17.12.2007  The northsea houting has been inserted on the hompage.
12.12.2007  In a section about the AFGN there are projects presented in an overview-map and a section about publications of and with
 attendence of the AFGN-members is inserted.
8.12.2007  At the river Oste - watershed of the river Elbe - as well as reported from the river wuemme there are also record-catches
 while trying to get spawners for the hatcheries, as  Peter Wessendorf reports. More about this under ...
 Furthermore there are very good catches in all west danish salmoncatches according to Gert Holldensgaard (Danmaks center
 for vildlaks) .
 Also good rates are reported of returners in the river Sieg in the watershed of river Rhine.

Dennis Liburg of the SFV Sittensen with a huge salmonmilter of the river Oste
(strain Namsen/Norway).

6.12.2007 At the river Wuemme in the watershed of the river  Weser between Bremen and Hamburg there seems to be a new record of all time by the catch of spawners since the projectstart  25 years ago ! More about it under the chapter Wuemme

Jens Engelken keeper of the river of the ASV"Forelle" e. V. Lauenbrück and ASV Fintel with an amazing female seatrout.

5.12.2007 About the Workinggroup for the protection of fishspecies and the protection of water in northern germany -  called AFGN (german abreviation)  - there was a section implemented.
4.12.2007 Actual catch/stocking statistics about the river Oertze
2.12.2007 Big surprise at the river Oertze in lower-saxony ! During a control-fishing by members of the Aller-Oker-Salmon Community there were found about 10 big Salmonids of which 3 could  be caught - this fishes are seatrouts. Since 1938 there was no trace of migrating salmonids - therefore the astonishment was very big.

However the year 2007 is a special one because of very high water throughout the whole year in lower-saxon< so that the weirs in the river Weser  Hemelingen and Langwedel were easier to pass than in other years. Further on the weir at  Hademstorf in the river Aller was opened because of high waters. The new weir at Marklendorf (also river Aller) gave the chance to pass the weir diractly because of high disscharge of the obstacle. The last obstacles for the fishes before entering the river Örtze in Bannetze is a building-site at present and is this year also passable for migrating fishes. 

The following problem now needs a quick and pragmatic : when will the weir at Wolthausen (river Oertze) be passable ? Die All fishes were found below the mill - upwards no migrating salmonids !

The  electric fishcatchdevice EFGI 4000 of the company Bretschneider in combination with a dip net (80 cm diameter) and an expanse anode proofed to be good a substition.

30.11.2007 Actual newsreport about the trial about the hydropowerstation  in Bremen/Hemelingen taken from the "Bremer Anzeiger" at the 30.11.2007
22.11.2007 The trial about the planning of a hydropowerstation in Bremen/Hemelingen begins. The 1. negotiation will be on 29.11.2007 at the administrative court Bremen (Germany), Am Wall  201, 28195 Bremen. Starting at  09.00 a.m. The negotiation is public.
21.11.2007 The guideline about the payment of electricity out of hydropoweris a must for every natureconswervist who is interessted in fishmigration 8only available in german language) :

Every promoted hdyropowerstation in germany should be proofed wether it fulfils the targets of this broschure.

In the Braunschweiger Zeitung today there is an article about the AOLG (Aller-Oker-salmon-Association) under in the internet. The quoted salmon of 1949 was caught in the river aller near Marklendorf an not in the river Oker...

10.11.2007 A further important documentation is available in the Internet : under the titel "Restaurierung von Kieslaichplätzen" (restoration of gravel spawningplaces) :

12.10.2007 The weir  in Bannetze is being rebuilt - in this context there is a new fishway to be planned.
10.10.2007 The fishway in Marklendorf at the river Aller in Lower Saxony/Germany is now working.
07.09.2007 Neue information about the asp and the burbot.
02.09.2007 New Information about a Bypass installation for Salmon kelts in Falkenberg Sweden in the River Aetran.

This homepage will now be translated into english language
23.07.2007 The 7. international conference on fishtelemetry took place in Silkeborg .
Highlights :
1. In the observed european rivers (rhine, gudenaa) the limit of 40 % of silver eels that have to reach the sea, due to new european guideline, is not achieved in any of those rivers.
2. Within the usage of telemetric devices more often a mix of technologies is used. Coupling of for example acoustic and radiotransmitters can lead to more detailed information about the different fishspecies.
3. The usage of technical equipment should be a more international coordinated to achieve a network of telemetric detections - in some cases there exists a worldwide detection-network.

More informations about this conference soon...
05.06.2007 The descriptions of the obstacles at Langlingen and Offensen at the river Aller in lower-saxony were entirely renewed.
04.06.2007 The description of the obstacle at  Drakenburg in the river Weser in lower-saxony was entirely renewed.
06.04.2007 The description of the obstacles at Hameln in the river Weser in lower-saxony was entirely renewed and extended with informations about Maeanderfishway.
20.03.2007 In the watershed of the river rhine there are new informations about Iffezheim/Rhine and the solutions at Gambsheim/Rhine and Unkelmühle/Sieg .
01.03.2007 Two new brochures from North-Rhine-Westfalia (Germany) are available in the  Internet as .pdf-file :

1.: the "Handbuch Querbauwerke" (Handbook on migation obstacles) under
2.: a guideline for salmonidhabitats :

     Boths brochures are released by the ministry of environmental conservation.

26.02.2007 Actual stockingstatistics for the rivers Oker, Schunter and Örtze in lower-saxony (Germany)
26.02.2007 Renewed sites about the obstacles at Hademstorf and Bannetze at the river Aller. Completed informations about Marklendorf/Aller.
13.02.2007 New linksite on scientific informations around migrating fishspecies.
10.02.2007 The migrating fishspecies  european eel (Anguilla anguilla) is now new on this pages.
10.02.2007 Optimizing works by the AOLG-member ASV Meinersen at the fishway in Meinersen in the river Oker (Lower-Saxony, Germany)
03.02.2007 Bad news for projects on migrating fishes in the river weser watershed in Germany: The official approval of plan to build a new hydropowerstation in Bremen-Hemelingen is being released.
03.02.2007 The new fishway at the Marktstrasse in Wolfenbüttel (lower-saxony, Germany) in the river Oker shows heavy defizits.
01.02.2007 The 7.conference on Fishtelemetry will take place on the 17.6. until 21.6 in Silkeborg/DK. Registration can be made until 15.2.2007 under  
19.01.2007 The weir for the function-control in Marklendorf  at the river Aller (lower-saxony, Germany) has been supplied.
17.01.2007 Actual pictures about Müden/Oker. (lower-saxony, Germany)
16.01.2007 Actual picture about the building of a new Fishway in Marklendorf  at the lower part of the river Aller (lower-saxony, Germany).
09.01.2007 Renewed informations about the Smoltmonitoring 2004 in Müden at the river Oker due to a hint of Mrs. Lecour from LAVES - Department of Inlandfisheries.